Colourpop Haul + Free Shipping to the Philippines

How can you not love this brand? I had a love at first glide ever since I got my first liquid lip trio from Colourpop in CluelessBeeper, and Tulle. I’ve been wanting to restock when Colourpop became available in the Philippines via online beauty websites and other resellers, however, they priced it for about 20-50% more. Over the holidays, I was just browsing the website and I found out they offer free shipping to the Philippines for orders over USD 50!


When I checked out some stuff, I figured it will be a bit too much for me to spend USD 50 just so I can get the free shipping. Even if I spend less, it would be the same rate because shipping is quite expensive too. So… 💡

I asked my best friend, Lyka, if she wanted something from Colourpop so we can cart pool (just like carpooling, sharing a cart so we can save up). I also posted it on my Instagram stories and my college buddy and a hair and makeup artist Jonnah got interested in cart-pooling too. After a few days, we placed an order and got a total bill of USD 80.

It will take up to 3 to 5 days before they get to process and ship your order due to the number of orders they receive. As soon as you’re order is confirmed, you’ll get an email with the tracking number. And the waiting time officially begins!

Tracking + Shipping

Since this is free global shipping, expect your package delivered to the postal office. You have to wait for the Philippine Postal Corporation Claim Card and pay PHP 112 for the customs tax. That’s the standard tax that they will charge you for assorted cosmetics under 1kg. Yup, you can only purchase for personal use only. Items beyond that will be seized and forfeited.

Since it’s a holiday, I expect the package to arrive for a little longer than 15 to 21 business days. So I regularly check USPS with the tracking number that Colourpop sent me. After exactly 25 days, I noticed that my package is in transit to its destination, up until now if I got the items. I figured out that’s because we don’t have an advanced postal tracking system.

Postal Office Pick-Up

After 27 days, I haven’t received the postal claim card and so I went to the post office to check. Luckily, the package got there a day before. and the postal claim card was about to be issued the next day. Wow, what a great timing!

You need to print out the order confirmation and one valid ID upon claiming, and pay the customs tax.

Colourpop Haul

Okay, so here’s what I got. Actually, it was so hard to decide with all the good stuff. I was able to narrow down basically everything that I need on a daily basis. I actually saved up to USD 18 // PHP 917.64 because I had it purchased directly. See, patience is a virtue and it gets you rewarded with extra moolah!

Colourpop Haul + Free Shipping to the Philippines

Colourpop Haul + Free Shipping to the Philippines

Double Entendre Pressed Powder Shadow Palette, (USD 16 | PHP 815.68)
*PHP 1300 at online resellers

Colourpop Haul + Free Shipping to the Philippines

Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Wisp (USD 8 / PHP 407.84), Sugar and Spice Mini Size Kit, (USD 10 / PHP 509.80)
*PHP 650 at online resellers

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchases and I’d be ordering again soon! If you’re a patient + thrifty shopper; or you’re just planning to stock up well this is for you. Yup, saving that extra moolah which you can use to buy more makeup products. If you just can’t wait, some of the Colourpop items get on sale at Beauty MNL so you can take advantage of that.

As for a little treat, here’s a $5 discount on your first order with a minimum purchase of $15. Click here to shop.


This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and experience stated in this post are entirely my own.

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