Getting a Facial for the First Time at Skin:house Beauty and Laser Clinic

Okay, here’s a confession: I’ve actually never gone to a beauty clinic and I’m three years closer to my 30’s. Getting a facial for the first time makes me excited and a little anxious. I mean come on, we all have heard stories from people going to beauty clinics sharing how it’s painful and we all have seen their red faces, right! Wouldn’t you get a little worried about how will it turn out?

Facial First-timer

When I turned 25, I got super invested in my skincare routine. I had a fair share of trying out products like toner, serums, moisturizers that will address my skincare problem which is combination skin type. So when I was invited by Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic to try one of their facials and I immediately read reviews about them and the procedure.

After I did my research was able to learn why facials are actually important in any skincare routine. I might be doing my skincare routine the wrong way so better consult with the beauty professionals to help me out.

24 Karat Gold Facial with Diamond Peel

Their 24 Karat Gold Mask helps whitens, minimize pores, helps with oil control and anti-aging and also hydrates your skin. I really needed this all-in-one pack mask to address my skincare problem. While the Diamond Peel is a non-invasive, mechanical procedure that removes dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil from the skin.

I was scheduled for two sessions and opted to visit their Pioneer branch in Pasig City. I was welcomed with their cozy interiors and relaxing ambience. Can I just say that I love their customer care service? They’ll message you for your appointment once you’ve booked with them, and get another message a day before your appointment.

As soon as I walked into the room for the facial, I feel so relaxed and equally excited for this pampering treat. I went there bare-faced already and so the aesthetic nurse assisted me and mentioned every step of the process.

Diamond Peel Procedure

First step: Cleansing. They used a Chamomile Facial Wash and Deep Cleansing Cream with Massage. It feels so good, wish they could do it a little longer, lol.

Second step: Steaming. I have heard about the positive effects of steaming and how it is good for clogged pores and the removal of blackheads.

Third step: Vacuum Suction. This will help remove excess fluids from the skin and to help prepare for the extraction.

Fourth step: Extraction. Now, this is my favourite part even though it stung a little and made me teary-eyed! Really tiis-ganda moment but bearable, because this made me feel like I’ve been missing out on something so essential in my skincare routine.

Fifth step: Diamond Peel. Another favourite moment, the main part of the process. When you first heard of the term, you’ll be thinking that this might hurt when in fact it really doesn’t. They use Pristine Diamond Microdermabrasion with real crushed diamond chips!

24k Gold Facial Mask

Sixth step: 24K Gold Facial Mask. Gold and Diamond… Can we get any fancier than this? I mean it’s really really good!

Seventh step: Laser. They use a high-frequency laser to close the pores. After that, sunblock is applied so you’ll stay protected even after the process.

Seventh step: Laser. They use a high-frequency laser to close the pores. After that, sunblock is applied so you’ll stay protected even after the process.

I had another session after a month. Actually, the photos here are during my second session after my beach trip, hence the weird tan lines. My skin looks better, healthier, and smoother. My face can now breathe and I feel like with all the deep-seated dirt removed, the skincare products can now work deeply and effectively.

Facials should be done once a month and like all self-care, there’s a cost attached. There’s actually so much more to the process that lasts beyond the service so it’s really a good investment for yourself!

I’m very satisfied with the service considering it’s my first time to have a facial. I’m planning to continue this every month sponsored or not, it is really that good!

You got any questions about this? Feel free to send me a DM. ♡

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic

2/F Pioneer Street corner United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Check their services and other packages thru their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Book an appointment at +639178290990.


This is an honest brand story review post in collaboration with Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic. All thoughts and experience stated in this post are entirely my own.

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