Justice League Holiday Gift Ideas from Tupperware Brands [Giveaway Closed]


With Christmas just around the corner, most of us are starting to fill up our list finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. Strolling around the mall seems fun until you find yourself lurking to some sale items that are probably not on your list, I get you. So this is where shopping online or through direct selling comes in handy.

What’s good about shopping thru our trusty direct selling brands is the discounts plus it’s readily available for pick-up on their branches, unlike online shopping during the holiday season, your package can take years for you to receive due to heavy volume surges. So, Tupperware Brands Philippines got your back for some holiday gift ideas. We all know them for sure as they have been in the industry for over 50 years which represents the food preparation and storage for home, and now they also carry other brands of beauty and personal care.

Now, they offer the Limited Edition Justice League Beauty and Fragrance products. Check out the full collection below so you can have an idea what to add to your Christmas shopping list.



The Ultimate Body Duo inspired by Wonder Woman! It’s sweet and refreshing, formulated with Olive Oil to moisturize the skin and Tsubaki Oil an anti-oxidant rich oil to hydrate the skin. This is a perfect gift idea for moms, aunts, and even our skincare savvy friends who’d like to pamper themselves at home.


Tupperware Wonder Woman Set

Regular Price is PHP 499 set



Pink and red lip stains for a power pout! It moisturizes and conditions the lips enriched with Acai Palm Oils to protect from chapping. So consider this as a lip balm and lip stain in one stick with a slick satin finish. It comes with a wonder woman packaging too! Super perfect for the Wonder Woman on-the-go women of our life.


Tupperware Wonder Woman Lipsticks

Tupperware Wonder Woman Lipstick Swatches

 Regular Price is PHP 399 each




Unleash your inner wonder woman with this Floral Fruity Scent! Stay sassy and fresh all day with the Wonder Woman body mist perfect for teens! Also, you can add this hand sanitizer to keep them germ-free too, both come with this cute packaging.

Tupperware Wonder Woman Body Mist and Hand Sanitizer

 Regular Price is PHP 550 Body Mist; PHP 199 Hand Sanitizer




Your inner Batgirl with these dark hues! It’s non-drying total matte lipstick with a super creamy texture, enriched with Shea Butter and other moisturizing ingredients with a pigmented dark shades. It’s actually one of my favorites here, perfect for your gal friends and office mates too!


Tupperware Batgirl Lipsticks

Tupperware Batgirl Lipstick Swatches

Regular Price is PHP 399 each



Bring out the girlboss in you with this Floral Fruity Scent! Very refreshing and can last for long, when you’re at school or just hanging out with friends. Perfect gift ideas for teens and your Gen X buddies!

Tupperware Batgirl Body Mist and Lipstick

Regular Price is PHP 550 Body Mist; PHP 399 Lipstick



The forces of freshness in one bottle! Be fantastic all day with these Justice League body mists– Aqua Man for a Citrus Aqueous Scent, The Flash for Woody Citrus Scent, and Batman for a Fougere Citrus Scent. My beau certainly loves them all so you now know what to get for your bros and the dudes in your barkada.

Tupperware Justice League Body Mists

 Regular Price is PHP 550 each





Stay cool in this super duo! Man up the streets with Superman Body Mist with a Fougere Citrus Scent plus this anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer! Tis perfect for your younger brother, cousins, and nephews.

Tupperware Superman Body Mist and Hand Sanitizer

 Regular Price is PHP 550 Body Mist; PHP 199 Hand Sanitizer


Now I don’t have to worry about my holiday gifts for my friends and family! And since it’s Christmas, me and Tupperware Brands Philippines are giving away one set of the following to one lucky winner. Hit on the Rafflecopter Box and make sure you follow the steps.

This is open for Philippine residents only and prizes might change depending on the availability of the products at the pick-up branch near you. Winner will be shown on the Rafflecopter box and will be announced via Instagram Stories on November 6, 2017.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


2 Justice League Hand Sanitizer in Superman and Wonder Woman

1 Gift Set Wonder Woman Body Scrub and Hand & Body Lotion

2 Wonder Woman Lipstick in Goddess and Red Blast

2 Batgirl Lipstick in Minx and Purple Siren

4 Justice League Body Mist in Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl



Tupperware has since become a well-loved household name since it was introduced in the Philippines in 1966. Tupperware Brands Philippines has changed the lives of the millions of Filipinos through its world-class products and limitless income opportunities it offers, a multi-category direct sales company.

Visit their website at www.tupperwarebrands.ph or through their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.


This is a sponsored giveaway by Tupperware Brands Philippines. All thoughts and experience stated in this post are entirely my own.

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  • I would like to win batgirl lipsticks, it has really great shades and I have dry lips that is why the shea butter that it contains will really help me achieve the perfect lips! 🙂

  • I would love to win the Wonder Woman lipsticks or the Wonder Woman Body Scrub and Hand and Body Lotion! ❤️????????✨ I like collecting lipsticks and it would be my pleasure to win this! I also love Wonder Woman! She’s my spirit animal ✨ Lastly, like you, if ever I will win, I can’t wait to share to my followers this opportunity and post a review about this experience. Yey. Thanks Camile and more power! ❤️

  • I got really excited when I learned that Tupperwear brands came up with products with superheroes on its cover! I am a fan of Wonder Woman because of her hourglass figure and her strength. Woman Power!!!!
    I would love to have one of those Wonder Woman lipsticks since I like pinks and pinkish red lippies. My pale lips tends to be dry during the “Ber months” so I reach for lipbalms during these months. The formula of these lipsticks is just what I need.

    • Same here, Jacky! I didn’t know they got some awesome Justice League merch. I also love the colors and the creamy texture, just like Wonder Woman it also works wonderfully acting as a lipstick and a lip balm in one! Yup, really perfect for the cold weather. 🙂

  • I love the wonderwoman lipstick, the shades are perfect and i have lipstick from tupperware so i know its really good and also i like the sanitizer, i always want my hands clean and smell good

  • Yung lotion. Sa totoo lang gusto ko mag try ng ibat ibang lotion para malaman ko kung ano talaga nag fi fit sa balat ko, sensitive kasi at madaling magkaroon ng pantal. and hndi talaga ako umaalis ng bahay ng walang lotion kasi super dry nya. hope ma try ko yan 🙂

  • I would like to win the Wonder woman lipsticks???? the shades are awesome and its perfect for chick kind of looks! Im a fool for lippies and i love sharing my new find lippies to my friends! Hoping to win this giveaway so i can show them personally how awesome tupperwear’s beauty line.

  • Id like the 2 Wonder Woman Lipstick in Goddess and Red Blast ???? I feel so empowered with this limited Wonder Woman Lipsticks!!!

  • I would like to win 2 Wonder Woman Lipstick in Goddess and Red Blast or 2 Batgirl Lipstick in Minx and Purple Siren for endorsement purposes. I will share the lipsticks to my friends and other people to experience the quality of the lipsticks that tupperwarebrandsph can offer. Its not only about the products, but how tupperwarebrandsph spreading or showing their care, love and happiness to each and everyone, through their products. Cant wait to have my collections to spread the TLC of tupperwarebrandsph #spreadlove #spreadhappiness #spreadcare ????

    • Yaaay! Thank you for joining and supporting Tupperware Brands. They truly cater to the Filipinos by producing quality products and also help them through direct selling. Wishing you the best! ????

  • I was really surprised when tupperware brands was able to release a justice league merch. And i’ve been a fan of justice league for as long as i can remember. I really can’t pick what i want because i want them all actually. ???????????? But for the sake of choosing one since i really love lipsticks especially matte lipstick i really wanna have the Batgirl Lipstick collection. And coming from tupperware brands i know that it really has a good quality and made to perfection. Can’t wait to lay my hands on those babies so that i can share it also to my friends. So excited…

    • Hey Jean, yes the release is in time for the Justice League movie coming up this November 2017. The Batgirl shades are so great for night outs— very sultry and morena skin flattering. Best of luck! ????

  • I’d love to try the Wonder Woman lipsticks! Why? The colors are perfect for everyday makeup look! This would go well with my uniform and would help me look more professional as a teacher. Second, its shades are also perfect for date nights! And third, who doesn’t love Wonder Woman? She’s the epitome of badass and having a Wonder Woman lipstick would make me feel like one too! ???? It kind of gives you the confidence!