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Hello Summer… I mean hello November! There is nothing better than savoring the semester break and yes, giving full time on blogging! My best friend Lyka, has been asking me out to this beautiful place since Summer but since we are always busy and/or broke,(haha) it’s just now that we finally experienced the beauty of The Mills Country Club!

I always enjoy having mini getaways and one thing to make it more memorable and fun is to share the experience with my best girl! We are so in love with this place and definitely coming back!


IMG_0065 psd

IMG_0040 psd

IMG_0064 psd

And it’s not just only in Summer that we have to wear sunnies, especially nowadays that the temperature is freaking high! Wear sunnies to protect our precious eyes.  You just have to pick the best frame that will suit your face shape. Since I have a heart shaped face, look at what I got here!


RAYBAN 1 psd

RAYBAN 2 psd

RAYBAN 3 psd

Ice Gray

GRAY 3 psd

GRAY 2 psd

GRAY 1 psd


DG 1 psd

DG 3 psd

DG 2 psd

Sunnies Avenue, is an online shop based in Davao that sells stylish sunnies at a very affordable price. They have a variety of sunnies and specs of different sizes, frames, and designs to choose from. Go ahead and check their shop now! Order your super stylish sunnies for less! Check them out on Instagram @sunnies_avenue.

Blue One Piece Swimsuit, The SM Store. Black Top, Forever 21.

Floral Green Bikini, Cinderella. Sunnies, Sunnies Avenue.

Photo by: Lyka Martir

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