Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom Makeover

With the new normal situation, we’re pretty much locked up inside our homes for most of the year. And so we have to make staying at home a worthwhile experience. I got inspired by so many makeovers I’ve seen online creating a space that’s achievable and affordable of course. I’m so excited to be able to share with you my semi-furnished cozy Scandinavian bedroom makeover with a P10,000 budget.

Before The Makeover

We had this 8.5sqm room for quite some time and has been there as a spare room meant for storage and all the other stuff that we have at home. One of the problems why we don’t use this room is that there are leaks whenever it rains. We had our roof and ceiling fixed already but still doesn’t solve that totally. Additionally, there are no window provisions. Even though I wanted to construct a mini horizontal awning window right below the ceiling, it’s not possible as this is located in the far most area of our house. Our neighbours’ firewall will be bypassed. Lighting and ventilation are of crucial importance. Though the one good thing about this room is that it has its own access to the bathroom!

The Design Inspiration

Essentially, my goal was to create a minimalist wood and white themed– clutter-free, calming space where I can pretty much spend the whole day in my room for work and relaxation. I explored on Pinterest and created a mood board of how I wanted my room to look like. With the budget that I set, I had to find easily available items online or nearby, with the help of the reviews from Home Buddies Facebook community ~hello mga kapitbahays! Upcycling really helps in saving your budget. You can also opt for hand-me-downs, purchasing surplus or second-hand items from communities and marketplaces.

The Paint + Flooring

The walls were already white but we had to repaint them since there were leak marks~ still recurring, that’s still on the to-do list. We picked a different shade of white, which was cloud. I wanted to add an accent wall to make it more interesting and add crisp detail. I opt for a self-adhesive foam brick that can be mounted easily too (but not perfectly so as you can see, heh).

The major change of this room was the flooring– perhaps the one thing that elevated the vibe of the room. I couldn’t wait to replace this with wooden blocks. And since this has to be budget-friendly, I looked for vinyl tiles that resembles a wood texture. There were only two colour options from that store that I got it from. I’m lucky they had this pine wood colour that I’m aiming for, light but not overly warm. It felt cozy just like hotel rooms! Door access to the bathroom is on the left of the clothes rack.

The Bedroom Essentials

My budget didn’t stretch to a new bed frame but the current one that I have already fitted the aesthetic I was aiming for. I had it since grade school and all it needs is a little retouch with clear varnish. Clearly, I haven’t found the time to do that yet! And shop for neutral beddings. My mom ~or most of our moms~ clearly loves patterned or floral beddings.

Since this shall also be my work from home space, first on the list is to have a workstation. I opted for a white and wood Scandinavian desk and chair. I love how it’s minimalist and spacious. My scented candle, dried flowers and trinkets fit perfectly while I also have space for writing and of course, my iced coffee! ☕️🧊

The Style + Beauty Nook

If it isn’t too obvious yet, even my clothes are mostly white, cream, nude, and light brown. It’s a versatile colour for me and goes well with everything. Highlighting them in a minimalist clothes rack is not only space-saving but also serves as a decorative piece in the room. Though it’s quite a risk displaying all these in the open– prone to dust and stains. I supposed getting them washed frequently is quite the solution since I wear them almost every time, lol. I bought velvet hangers to perfectly match it. Love how it’s non-slip so it goes well with crop tops and stringed blouses. All the other non-neutral shades are in my dresser.

Instead of placing my skincare, makeup, perfumes on my desk, I wanted a separate space for that. When I saw this cart online, I thought it would be a great idea to have it all placed here. Skincare first, makeup second, and the bottom layer has my hair tools and sunnies too. I also placed some of the self-help books that I read and the picture frame souvenir from one of my favourite work trips.

I wanted a large full-body, frameless arc mirror that will complement the vanity cart and the clothes rack, ideally placed between the two. This will help make the room look bigger as well.

For a more natural setting, I added a snake plant. It feels like it’s really part of the room and will totally finish off a Scandinavian bedroom vibe. I just placed it temporarily in between, but later on, will be on the left side of the vanity cart once I have the mirror with me.

All The Other Stuff

Here’s a full list of the items I used in this Scandinavian bedroom project, that you might be able to use:

  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles Wooden Design, 167 Mall (you can also search for this keyword on Lazada or Shopee)
  • Self-Adhesive 3D Brick Wall, Shopee PH
  • Scandinavian Chair, Shopee PH
  • Scandinavian Desk, Shopee PH
  • Clothes Rack, Shopee PH
  • Beige Velvet Hangers, Lazada PH
  • Beige Foldable Storage Box Organizer, Shopee PH
  • Nordic Vanity Cart, Shopee PH
  • White Plastic Pot, Tiangge

On the desk:

So, there you have it– my cozy, minimalist, Scandinavian bedroom makeover! From just an extra room, turned storage room, now turned into my own bedroom! This room will continue to evolve as I save up for new pieces. It just feels right to work and sleep in this room feeling accomplished.

I’d love to see how you did your room makeovers, send me over through my socials. If you have any questions, drop them below!


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