Work from Home Quick Meal Ideas

Work from home isn’t a new concept… well for most of us, this is the first time. At first, ’twas really really nice working in the comforts of our home, but then habits creep in.

Since there’s no commute I get extra time well, of course, to continuously hit the snooze button. Cold-brew becomes a staple, quick and good coffee to fuel up the day. Preparing meals midday seems like an imposition. Considering the fact that I only have a one hour break to cook and to finish it off. Unless you have spared a little time the night before to dish up or we pick on whatever’s left from dinner~ mostly the latter!

While we’re not quite sure what to have for lunch, we know exactly what we don’t want to eat. Which is usually the stuff we already have in our pantry. That’s where the make-ahead favourites can be our work from home meal staple. It’s fast and easy to prepare but still won’t compromise flavour and nutrition. Pertos Choices has jars of gourmet goodness that we can devour on. No artificial flavours, no harmful preservatives, best of all~ they’re locally made. Here are some meals that you can try and whip up using pantry staples and overnight leftovers of course!

Beef Tapa Flakes

You can’t go wrong with an all-time favourite– beef tapa. Pertos Choices Beef Tapa Flakes should definitely be in your pantry. These are shredded beef flanks (comes in garlic or spicy) cooked adobo style. It’s fork-tender and tasty even without vinegar. Perfect for salted egg and tomatoes, don’t forget your sinangag lol.

Pertos Choices Beef Tapa Flakes

Lemon Garlic Tinapa

On a low-carb diet? Pertos Choices Lemon Garlic Tinapa is already perfect as it is. it adds a refreshing lemon twist to your bread or pasta. Add tomatoes and cucumbers plus a spread of Japanese mayo. Or upgrade your Aglio olio by adding this and use the oil as your base.

Pertos Choices Lemon Garlic Tinapa

Bicol Express

Bicol Express is ~really~ express! This will surely satisfy your cravings. It’s creamy and spicy as it should be. This spicy dish is a chef’s kiss and I enjoyed every spoonful of it. Just top it off with your hot rice– the meal is served!

Pertos Choices Bicol Express

Pertos Choices

You can also try their Bagnet Bagoong, which is also my favourite! Bagoong rice is now made easier and to perfection! Let me know which one you’re getting and what recipes did you come up with for these jars of goodness. ♡


This is an honest brand story review in collaboration with Perto’s Choices. All thoughts and experience stated in this post are entirely my own.

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