Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

I belong to the Generation Y — The Generation of today composed of wise and powerful young individuals mostly born during the 90s. We are the future professionals and might as well be the key for dynamic yet concerned Earthlings, who were the children of The Generation X also called as our parents or even grandparents. These people became a major influence in shaping who we are today. They taught us the basics, the richness of our history, how they fought for our own sake and survived every war they had gone. They became the standard of how we will become today. The Generation Z or the the generation that does not require much work since everything that they want comes in handy, in an instant. They are the generation who will not experience how cool it was discovering things on their own and not just acquire without hard work. The generation of new born kids become the guinea pigs of our generation of which we encode what we have learned from the past generation and also our own experiences be combined and mold them into super Earthlings.
The Generation of Earthlings XYZ will soon vanish and transform into, you guessed it– ZOMBIES. 🙂

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