Daily Prompt: SOS

This is not a matter of chance that you got this message.
It might be too traditional to reach you, in fact we tried to reach you through social media and email you, but you are too busy and didn’t notice my message so I tried to find ways to get your attention, and that is through this message in a bottle. Your heart  belongs to the WATER.


Yes, your majesty you read it right. I am from Atlantis, the kingdom of mermen and mermaids. I guess you enjoyed so much living with the mortals and you risked forgetting everything from the Atlantis just to have a vacation living with the mortals. I find it stupid that you always go the beach or those swimming pools when in fact you always do it here in Atlantis. Sorry your majesty, I hope I won’t get fired when you come back here. We always check you through your social media and of course our own devices that you made when you planned to go up there. We don’t know what to do when you’re down and instead you drink and spend a lot of time on the internet. We are also proud of you that you will have your Bachelor’s degree which can help you connect the people here in Atlantis and the people up there. Your plans are amazing and you should keep it up. Don’t worry about us here, we are fine. We just want you to know that we got your back. There are people here who really believes in you. Someday when you get back here you will see how much has changed, thanks to your knowledge. The things you do there are also done here too. You made equipment way back then here in Atlantis that can store and back up your knowledge and information you learn are stored here so your people can progress. We love partying and drinking here! It has never been this fun in Atlantis. Do not worry your majesty we do not get drunk, just sober. Ha ha! The internet connection here is just fine and we love watching hilarious videos and stupid stuff that people do up there. It’s just sad that they progress but do not conserve and care for the environment unlike here in Atlantis. The more we progress, the more we take care of our world. I hope we can teach those people that kind of legacy you left us here. I wonder if it is already possible that you can live there but still retain the memory that you are our Queen and Atlantis do exist. I know that you are just protecting our world, that one day one mortal would actually read your mind or know your secret and those cruel people will discover our world and destroy us. I hope someday things will be better up there and that those mortals will love their world as much as we love ours.
This letter would not be the last and after reading this you will also forget all what I have written here, for protection purpose as you want me to promise you to do.

Your majesty, my queen, I am sorry for hiding my identity as write to you my letter. I am not just a merman, I am your husband, the King of Atlantis. I do not want you to be sad upon reading the letter and I don’t want you to cry because that makes me feel sad. I love you so much and I miss you. Our twelve kids feel the same way too. My dear, how I wish I can spend more time with you. DO things that we usually do here, together. Mind you, I always sleep beside you and kiss you, I’m just awesome like that. 🙂

Yours truly,


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