Wave 891 FM Internship

WAVE 89.1

Wave 89.1 is a radio  station that has taken music  to a new dimension and programming excellence.  It  is not just about music, it aims to answer its listeners’ lifestyle needs.

I was given the chance to be an intern for Wave 891 Fm along with the six others in our batch Summer 2014  from Far Eastern University QC, St. Paul University QC, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, and of course my dear alma mater Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba.

1st Week:

The first day of my internship went well. I met everyone in the office and also my fellow interns. Out of the hundreds who applied, I am one of the lucky five who got the internship program. Sir  Nathan J invited us to sit with him inside the radio booth and asked us to go on air for his radio show The Gridlock, for the rest of the week since DJ Georgia is out of town. It was so thrilling that we were broadcasting nationwide! We’re not just heard but we are also live via Ustream, an online video streaming website. I learned about how to manage a board on a radio. It looks so simple because you only have to select and order which should you play first but also you will be responsible if you misplayed something on air. I was able to request a song and greet my friends, family, and the Letran Calamba community on air. It was just so fulfilling that my voice was heard nationwide. Ms. Marj, our internship coordinator and the traffic manager of the station, taught us about how she handles the “traffic”. She is the one assigned for the commercials and how should it be played in order. Clients place their sponsorship and Ms. Marj will take account of that. For a certain block, there should be no conflicts of brands/companies. No two rival companies’ advertisement should be played on the same block. I learned that being in the broadcasting media takes a lot of accountability even though the voices are just heard. Ethics in communication broadcasting should always be in mind. Once said, it will be so hard to take it back. The last day probably, that we can go on air  at The Gridlock show with Nathan J because DJ George will be back next week. We did our best to sound good on air. I am so thankful that  Nathan J trusted us and allowed us to be with him on the show. Mr. Reynold, the studio technician, is assigned in radio commercials. It’s either one of the DJs will record or the client will send their own commercials, and will have to cut and edit it for smooth playing on air.




2nd Week:

Change of schedules were made and I was assigned to be an intern for the Wild Side show with KC Montero, Gee Canlas, Jimmy Muna, and DJ Skratchmark. I observed how they run the show and what can I do with it. Mr KC Montero asked for my number and told me I have to be serious with being an intern. He texted me and gave me a list of tasks that I should accomplish within the day. I rattled a bit and was able to meet his deadlines. Since I got no laptop with me, I kinda had a hard time to do office works using my phone. I have to make a “Radyo Serye” script and asked for help from my fellow interns, also I have to list topics that they can discuss on their show. In the afternoon I have to look for online logos for the show. I did not know too how to use Adobe Photoshop so I had to watch video tutorials so I could make one design. KC didn’t ask me to make one but I want to design my own, haha. There’s no office work to do much this week so we I just hang out there, interviewed some of the people working there and searched for the history of the radio station and how it goes. KC gave me the Twitter account of The Wild Side and asked me to manage the interaction of the fans with their show. I have to be always updated and be online as much as I can. Interaction with their fans is important since they are the one who keeps the show going. He commended my work that I am a hard working intern. I was surprised that he let me go on air with Ms. Gee Canlas since DJ Skratchmark is not around and Jimmy’s going to be late. They called me “Camile the Intern” and were able to share stories and interact with the topic. I never knew that all of my hard work will be recognized not just personally, but on air, like the whole world knows about it. It was so fulfilling and they easily absorbed me as their intern on their show. PS KC, Jimmy, and Mark doesn’t want to be called Sir, so I call them by their first names. Others might think I do not pay respect to my boss. WIldside meeting

3rd Week:

Ms Sarah Forrai, the events manager needs to contact possible sponsors for the Transformers movie. The interns helped her search for contact numbers of possible sponsors and called them. It was a tough job since every time we call; we get redirected to another, and another. We have to list the email address of the marketing managers. The Wild Side on Wave 891 – the awesome crew that I belong as an intern every morning. It was such a pleasure to be with them and get along with their awesome DJ skills and talents. I remind them of the segments, jot notes, and share stories. As one of the Twitter handlers, I have to tweet early to The Wild Side fans. Every interactions, retweets, favourites, and hashtags, I have to respond and make the interactions busy. Hashtags are the best! We got Sabi Ng Nanay ko as a hashtag and was my idea. KC asked for my help to look for tuxedo. I called several stores that has a set of ready to wear tuxedo. I had a hard time since most of the stores only have the usual formal attire and suits and not a tuxedo. Another, it has to be ready to wear and not made to order.  I spent the rest of the day searching the internet for possible stores and call them up. The phone lines are often times busy. I have to check every branch per store and to make sure they have his size. I did paper works this week! I filed the accounting and billing papers, did some photocopying and made it work. Paper jams were a no-no. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing such




4th Week:

I am earlier than the Wild Side crew today! I am so energetic. For the introduction of the Wild Side I was able to go on air with Mr KC Montero and talked about what happened during the weekend. I asked for the video of him with the “Siberian Gypsy” and that was the topic of the day, his story time with what happened in Boracay. I helped KC again to look for a tuxedo and did a lot of searching and calling of stores. Finally I was able to find one at SM Megamall. KC went there and had a small problem because he doesn’t fit the tuxedos there. Good thing the store personnel assisted him because I call them several times and told them they have to do something for Mr Montero. Luckily, it all went well when I called them and checked. He was able to get a tuxedo. We got taxi Problems as the hashtag. Sir Alvin, one of KC Montero’s crew, asked me if he could get the Wild Side recordings because they are going to upload it on Youtube. So I asked the studio engineer, Mr Romel. He taught me how it automatically records and how to edit the sound files. I was also taught with the basic commercial editing and production. It looks easy but the task is very crucial. You have to mix the right amount of sounds and beats plus the needed volume for every sound. We prepared for The Amazing Spiderman 2 block screening at Robinson’s Galleria. We had fun for our first event handling. It was amazing!

KC hands me a note

5th Week:

Miss Gee Canlas invited me to the premiere night of her movie “So It’s You” with Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez, JC de Vera and more. I observed what happens in a premiere night and how the press handles it. The next day we have Mr Inky de Dios as our guest for the Wildside. I was also able to organize the seats for the special block screening of the “The Other Woman” during the night. Luckily, I manage the twitter so well and gain interactions with the fans of Wildside 891. Mr. H Town recognized me and asked me to manage also the Twitter account of Wave 891 fm. There was never a dull day for me since I got to bond and chat with KC Montero, Gee Canlas, Jimmy Muna and Dj Skratchmark every morning. Also, they teach me how to board and do stuff on my own. Urban Music Awards is up coming and we will be busy for organizing it. Bone Thugs N harmony, a Grammy award winning rap group will perform there and for the benefit concert.

                       INKY DE DIOS



6th Week:

A lot of things to this week, we have a press conference I made a media release for the upcoming Urban Music Awards. I now learned that making one was never easy but since I’ve learned it during my Communication in Public Relation course, it was kinda easy for me but then again I had to be careful and proofread it. The media people in the corporate world will be the ones who will receive it and it has my name on it. Also, I have to conceptualize for the press kit. I am so excited for what will happen in the next weeks to come. I also got the chance again to organize the special screening of Godzilla to assist in the seating arrangement for the sponsors. Mr. Nathan J invited us to his one gig in Guilly’s Bar and observe what happens there and enjoyed the night by the way!




7th Week:

It’s just a few more weeks til the Urban Music Awards and the Benefit concert. We need to contact possible sponsors for the show, media people, and all the event needs. It’s a hard one because we’re starting from scratch and just using the internet web search for contact details, make proposals and send it to them. Besides doing such for the UMA 2014, I’m an exclusive intern for Wildside 891 so I have to extract files and send it to KC for updates. I also made a proposal for the Lenovo Mobile contests. I am so excited for the Wildside Crew. We had a meeting with a PR Practitioner  and I was so shocked because based from what I’ve learned  “publicity” is all about the truth but it does not happen in the real corporate world of media. He taught us techniques on how to boost the radio show, get on the mainstream and be a public figure. I just can’t get enough of all the experience I’m having this week, I’m so blessed having all these opportunities. How I wish I could stay here and work for them, for real! We had a lot of guests this week, including Xian Lim for his Globe endorsement. He’s such a nice guy and his crew were very friendly too.




8th Week:

It’s the last week of my internship, I actually finished it a week ago but then I’m having so much fun so I stayed for another week.  One of the best things one can experience in this lifetime is to finally realize what you really love to do. There’s still more tasks to do for the Urban Music Awards as well as the Wildside show. I was also assigned to be an intern for The Rowdy Empire show. From 6 AM – 9 PM that was my work shift every day. I call it passion! No pay work but I’m really enjoying it. f course, I still did a few hours in the office where I would put information into spreadsheets, make calls to winners of prizes, and prepared sales and promotional proposals, but I enjoyed the mixture of both hands-on activities, as well as, the office hours. After working as an intern for the radio station, I was offered to work here after I graduate next year by KC Montero and approved by Mr H Town, the OIC of Wave 891. So, it really is true! If you intern for a company there is a good possibility that you could work for them in the future. Don’t take internships for granted! You can learn so much and it will help you out in the long run!





I got one bonus proud moment:

Inquirer.net published the news release I made for the Bone Thugs N Harmony live at the Urban Music Awards 2014.




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